Canil Maison Della

Every dog breeder has his own history. Often strongly emotional, it tells about his choice to breed dogs of a given breed and not of others.

Likewise, I have my own unique history, which makes myself a different dog breeder. However, I will not tell it here. Instead, I will just provide essential information. It is a history of love for these unique beings, for their unbreakable loyalty, free friendship, and spontaneous beauty? These are the best ingredients in the history? .

The Kennel Maison Della was found in 1997 with the purpose of breeding high quality Yorkshire dogs. This implies the observance of the best possible levels of physical and mental health of the dogs, besides the compliance with the breed standards established by the FCI (?). This is our major mark: beautiful healthy dogs from an excellent bloodline. .

To those who have already acquired a Yorkshire dog, from known origin or from a breeder associated to one of the many and excellent clubs throughout Brazil and abroad, my best wishes of success and happiness with your dog. If you have not acquired one yet and is in search of liveliness, beauty, friendship, exuberance, and loyalty congratulations. You could not have made a better choice.

Life with a Yorkshire Terrier is incredibly better!

In 2002, I imported, from Sweden, my first Papillon. By the end of this year, I´ll be bringing bitches to start breeding this magnificent dogs. Wait for news and more information.

We are always available for more information. .

Thank you for visiting our site.

Darson Astorga De La Torre

This PAPILLON site is owned by Dárson Astorga De La Torre.
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